WATCH: The best Denver Nuggets dunks to tide you over until the NBA season starts

What better time to revisit the most impressive dunks in Denver Nuggets history?

Carmelo Anthony could throw down some dunks back in the day. (Keith Allison/Flickr)

The Denver Nuggets’ first game of the season — Oct. 26 on the road against the New Orleans Pelicans — is a little more than a month away.

What better time to revisit the most impressive dunks in Nuggets history?

YouTube user Oakley and Allen uploaded this compilation earlier this month, and thank God for Oakley and Allen.

There are some truly absurd jams in this 3 minute, 45 second video.

Young Carmelo Anthony, cornrows and all, makes a couple cameos. There’s grainy footage of David Thompson, who starred with Denver when it was still in the ABA, included as well. Even J.R. Smith, wearing a headband and throwing down one-handed alley-oops, makes an appearance.

Most importantly, JaVale McGee is in the video. He’s featured throwing down a couple jams as well as losing his mind on the bench when teammates hammer home dunks.

JaVale McGee losing his shit

Long live JaVale McGee.

Christian Clark

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