Carlos Estevez and Jose Martinez had a good old-fashioned national anthem standoff during Wednesday’s Rockies-Cards game

The two Carloses stood in front of their respective dugouts for minutes after the national anthem was played.

Carlos Estevez. Colorado Rockies vs San Diego Padres. June 10, 2016.  (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

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The Colorado Rockies are just playing for pride at this point in the season. They’re seven games back in the National League Wild Card race with 10 games remaining.

It can get a little boring when you’re not playing for anything meaningful. So it was pretty funny when Rockies rookie reliever Carlos Estevez engaged in a standoff with Cardinals pitcher Jose Martinez during Wednesday’s game.

The two stood in front of their respective dugouts for minutes after the national anthem was played at Coors Field in what appears to be a distant cousin to a staring contest.

One of the Cardinals threw a batter’s helmet on Martinez, which was one-upped when Estevez threw on a catcher’s mask.

The umpire tried to break it up when it was interfering with the start of the game. Martinez tried to claim victory, but I’m skeptical.

The Rockies won the game 11-1. They open a four-game series against the Dodgers tonight. Their season wraps up next weekend at home vs. Milwaukee.

CORRECTION: This article previously referred to Cardinals’ player in the standoff as Carlos Martinez. That is incorrect. His name is Jose Martinez.

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