Denver-based corporate relocation company: Most millennials will take a pay cut to move

More than 80 percent of millenials would be willing to take a pay cut if necessary to relocate to a dream destination.

Millennials are a generation on the move, according to a new survey from Graebel.

More than 80 percent of adults 18 to 35 would be willing to take a pay cut if necessary to relocate to a dream destination. Many of those people (71 percent) would also be willing to postpone marriage and (72 percent) having children, according to the survey released Thursday.

Dream spots in the country include New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Seattle and San Francisco, in that order. Internationally, London was the top draw for millennials, followed by Paris, Sydney, Tokyo and Berlin.

The Denver-headquartered global corporate relocation services provider Graebel partnered with Wakefield Research for the survey.

“Twenty years ago, a much smaller percentage of the workforce—typically C-suite executives — expected to need to relocate for career advancement,” said Bill Graebel, president and CEO of Graebel, in a statement.

“Now we’re seeing a significant shift toward younger employees relocating, sometimes internationally, and it’s changing how companies think about talent acquisition and retention, and how employees map their lives and careers.”

Eighty-two percent of millennials believe they will be required to relocate at some point if they want to advance their careers, according to Graebel.

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