Denver police are making arrests in the I-25 motorcycle shutdown

The Denver Police Department announced Tuesday that it has arrested three people in connection to the “Kill Da Streetz” rally that shut down Interstate 25 one day in July.

The suspects are Richard Patton, 33, and Clinton Hawkins, 27, of Colorado Springs; and Ryan Easton, 29, of Pueblo. They are accused of being part of a group of motorcyclists that stopped traffic and did tricks on the highway. More than 100 people may have participated, police said.

The charges are “exhibition of speed” and reckless driving. A speed exhibition, according to the law, is “the operation of a motor vehicle to present a display of speed or power.”

The suspects face 10 to 90 days in jail and up to $300 in fines if convicted. But even if these three are guilty, where are the other riders? Denver police say they’re working on that.

Ryan Easton (Denver Police)
Richard Patton (Denver Police)
Clinton Hawkins (Denver Police)


Andrew Kenney

Author: Andrew Kenney

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