Have you encountered any rabid skunks today, Denver?

Dear Denverites,

Your worst nightmare has arrived. Okay, that’s an overstatement, but there are rabid skunks prowling around the southwest Denver neighborhoods of Bear Valley, Harvey Park, Athmar Park and Overland according to the Denver Department of Public Health and Environment.

There have been nine sightings over the last month at these locations:

Even though as an adult human you may be capable of avoiding contact with a rabid skunk, your children and pets may need to be shielded from interacting with these dangerous beasts.

DDPHE is currently encouraging residents to be extra cautious about allowing pets to roam free and allowing children to approach wildlife.  They have suggested not to let your pets roam free and to keep your children from haphazardly approaching wildlife.

But seriously, it is important to make sure your animals are kept safely and are adequately vaccinated. Denverites should also ensure that their trash cans are well sealed to avoid advances on their property from rabid skunks.

If you do encounter any potentially dangerous animals DDPHE advises you to call 311 and officials can handle it from there.

Love, Allan