You’re off the hook for that alleged racial slur, but we know what you did in the supply closet

This rather amazing set of circumstances comes from anonymized accounts of misconduct and discipline at the Denver Sheriff’s Department.

A Denver Sheriff's Department prisoner transport bus. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

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Sometimes in the course of reporting a story you come across some information that doesn’t quite fit in the main article but that nonetheless you feel like people ought to see.

This rather amazing set of circumstances comes from anonymized accounts of misconduct and discipline that are collected and shared internally at the Denver Sheriff’s Department.

Internal Affairs started out investigating a complaint that a deputy had used a racially insensitive term and denied privileges to inmates. The good news for the deputy was that he was cleared of those charges. The bad news was that during the investigation, Internal Affairs found out he had been peeing in the supply closet.

Here’s the full description:

“In February 2016, multiple grievances were received from inmates in housing unit 4C of the Downtown Detention Center (DDC). The inmates alleged that Deputy A used a racially insensitive term to describe African American inmates playing basketball. The inmates also alleged that they were denied certain privileges by Deputy A. Both of these allegations were not sustained; however, it was discovered during the Internal Affairs Bureau (IAB) investigation that Deputy A had urinated in the supply closet on numerous occasions. Recommendations concerning potential discipline were provided by the Sheriff and the Office of the Independent Monitor. The possible penalty range was a verbal reprimand to termination. In light of all of the circumstances, Deputy A received a written reprimand for urinating in the supply closet for a violation of Conduct Prejudicial.”

Urinated. In the supply closet. On numerous occasions.

Erica Meltzer

Author: Erica Meltzer

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