Evan McMullin, the independent candidate who just might win Utah, is coming to Denver

Evan McMullin. (YouTube screen capture from campaign video)

Want to see a potential U.S. president who is named neither Donald nor Hillary?

No third-party or independent candidate has won a state in a U.S. presidential election since 1968, when George Wallace took five Southern states.

Evan McMullin just might be the next. The independent is polling close to even with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in Utah. Winning that state could conceivably set off a wild chain of events (including an electoral tie) that leaves him as president of the United States. Seriously.

The candidate also is on the ballot here in Colorado, and to that end he’ll be visiting the Denver area on Tuesday.

McMullin will speak at Colorado Christian University in Lakewood at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 25. His website shows just about 750 RSVPs as of Oct. 21.

The candidate  “spent 11 years in the CIA doing counter terrorism work before leaving the agency to get a master’s in business administration from the Wharton School of Business and have a brief stint in investment banking. He later became a national security adviser for the House Committee on Foreign Affairs,” according to the Associated Press.

He wants to start a “new conservative movement,” with an emphasis on compassion. He’s on the ballot in 11 states in all.

Andrew Kenney

Author: Andrew Kenney

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