Report: Globe Hall has been bought by the owner of the Larimer Lounge and Lost Lake

Globe Hall founder Jeff Cornelius confirmed the news for The Know today.

Globeville music venue and barbecue joint Globe Hall will now be owned and operated by Scott Campbell, owner of Larimer Lounge and Lost Lake Lounge and promoter for AEG Live Rocky Mountains, The Know reports.

Globe Hall founder Jeff Cornelius confirmed the news for The Know today, but neither he nor Campbell offered more information about the deal.

Campbell did say that the current staff will stay, including head chef Orlando Navarro.

Cornelius told The Know that his local-heavy booking wasn’t drawing enough people and making enough money.

“If you’re going to run a venue, you have to pay them properly and that necessitates bringing in some good music,” he said. “You can’t survive on bringing in local bands where, four nights a week, only 20 people come.”

“Scott has more quality bands contacting him to play than he has venues to fill,” he added. “He knows how difficult this is.”

Going forward, Globe Hall (4483 Logan St.) will host “stronger” shows, Campbell told The Know, put a bigger emphasis on booking “rock, indie rock and hip-hop shows.”

Ashley Dean

Author: Ashley Dean

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