Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN pop-up shop hits Denver this month

Kendrick Lamar. (ANSPressSocietyNews/Flickr)

Kendrick Lamar — you know him — plans to deploy some kind of pop-up merchandise shop in Denver this month.

The shop will be at 84 South Broadway from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on July 29, according to a cryptic website featuring a spinning map. The thing will be hosted by Abstract, a “streetwear boutique.” A sales associate at the store said the event would center on selling merchandise.

The pop-up site links out to a collection of Kendrick clothing. It’s unclear whether there will be more to it than $60 sweatshirts.

The pop-ups are scheduled for about 17 different cities, all on different days, as far as I could tell. The spinning map made it kind of hard to count.

Andrew Kenney

Author: Andrew Kenney

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