Kitchen Table barbecue moves into the kitchen at Goosetown Tavern

The Goosetown Tavern has more food to offer and Kitchen Table Café has a new home.

The Bluebird Theater on East Colfax Avenue. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

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The Goosetown Tavern has more food to offer and Kitchen Table Café has a new home.

The two announced that Kitchen Table would move into the East Colfax mainstay back in September, and they’re finally up and running, serving Kansas City-style barbecue and Midwestern comfort food.

“I’m really excited about the partnership. Dave [Kilroy, Kitchen Table owner] is passionate about food and it really shows in the quality,” Chris Swank, owner of Goosetown Tavern, said in an email. “Basically, he will operate his business independently out of the Goosetown and we will share the responsibilities of marketing to each other’s customer base.  So far, it feels great, the reception has been overwhelmingly positive.”

It’s not a huge move for Kitchen Table’s, which formerly lived at 1426 E. 22nd Ave. in City Park West.

For their part, Swank and his team took the opportunity to make some improvements, including new flooring, paint and signage. Goosetown has had a long life across the street from the Bluebird Theater, and not too long ago revamped its back room to host shows of its own.

“The Goosetown is an amazing bar with tons of great rock ‘n’ roll history. After I opened the Bluebird Theater in 1994, they were one of the first new businesses to join us on Colfax, and since then it has been a great symbiotic relationship.”

Ashley Dean

Author: Ashley Dean

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