If you like Harry Potter, and you like escaping from stuff, this Denver escape room could be your thing

“Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” the latest movie in the Harry Potter universe, is nearly upon us.
You’re going to see the usual wave of toys, clothing and every other item imaginable – but Denver’s also getting a rather unusual bit of marketing: An HP-branded escape room.

Denver Escape Room will open its “Fantastic Beasts” challenge by Nov. 1, and possibly a few days earlier, according to founder Brian Lacertosa.

Like other escape rooms, this is a room-sized puzzle that people pay for the privilege of solving. It will take about an hour, Lacertosa tells Denverite.
  • Where: 11674 N. Huron St., Suite 300, Northglenn
  • Cost: $28 per person

The company isn’t providing photos (no spoilers!) but did share a preview of the puzzle’s story. Basically, one of the aforementioned fantastic beasts is running around a dark wizard’s bookshop in Knockturn Alley. You have to find it. Stupid dark wizards.

Lacertosa did get the legal rights from Warner Brothers, and so have a couple other escape room owners. There’s also a Chamber of Secrets room in California and another Fantastic Beasts room in Salt Lake City.

The escape room is posting occasional updates on the project to its Facebook, including a giveaway contest. Lastly, here’s the poster for the puzzle:
A poster for the Denver Escape Room's Harry Potter-themed challenge. (Courtesy Denver Escape Room)
A poster for the Denver Escape Room’s Harry Potter-themed challenge. (Courtesy Denver Escape Room)

Andrew Kenney

Author: Andrew Kenney

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