Masterpiece Deli closes its Uptown Denver location

The original location in the Highland neighborhood will stay open.

Veggie sandwich from Majestic Deli. (Chloe Aiello/Denverite)
Veggie sandwich from Majestic Deli. (Chloe Aiello/Denverite)
Veggie sandwich from Masterpiece Deli. (Chloe Aiello/Denverite)

The restaurant recently renamed Masterpiece Luncheonette, but which you probably still know as Masterpiece Deli, has closed up shop at 1710 Sherman St.

Chef and owner Justin Brunson will keep open the original location at 1575 Central St. in Highland, Denver Business Journal reports.

Somewhat surprisingly, given the Uptown deli’s proximity to the downtown business district (it was right by the Wells Fargo Center), Brunson said they “we just unable to make the location work.”

He’ll be focusing instead on his other businesses, which include Old Major, Royal Rooster, Denver Bacon Co., Masterpiece Kitchen and Culture Meat & Cheese, and the soon-to-come Rocky Mountain Charcuterie.

Ashley Dean

Author: Ashley Dean

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