Menver: People say there are more men on Denver’s dating scene than women. We did the math.

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The rumors of Denver as a buffet for heterosexual single women stretch at least back to 2010, when my high school best friend told me of the mythical “Menver,” a city where available men grossly outnumber women.

As recently as 2014, Pew Research put some teeth into the rumors, calling the Denver metro area one of the best for single women.

But has the vein of available marriageable men been tapped in the time since? Is this city more of a date-who-you-want-don’t-freak-out-about-hetero-marriage-ver now?

Maybe, but it’s still raining men for women under 60 years old in Denver:

Chart of the week: Menver heart; love; logo; denverite; kevinjbeaty;

This graphic is based on tables B12002 and B23001 from the most recent five-year estimates of American Community Survey data for Denver. Available people are those who aren’t currently married — so that includes widowed and divorced people in each age bracket.