Nuggets remove “White Pride” jersey name from website, say Adidas chose name

Update, 9:55 A.M.: The Nuggets got it corrected. Their website now calls them their “White Gold” jerseys. Much better. The Nuggets said the original name came from Adidas, which chooses all jersey slogans and titles, according to the Denver Stiffs.

The Denver Nuggets will wear their white, sleeved alternate jerseys six times this year, which is all well and good. They look crisp and clean, in my opinion.

The problem is that the Nuggets have elected to call them their “White Pride” jerseys.

Here’s a screen shot from the team’s website at 9:30 a.m. Friday.

Screen shot from the Nuggets' website.
Screen shot from the Nuggets’ website.

I don’t believe the Nuggets meant anything by it. But still, how does something so blatant get by everyone?

Call them the “White Flex” jerseys. Or just the “Pride” jerseys. Anything but “White Pride.”

Christian Clark

Author: Christian Clark

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