There is only one wildlife rehab left on the Front Range, and it has so many squirrels

If you want to help a baby squirrel in distress, you’ll have to drive up to Longmont.

A rehabbing baby squirrel has a meal. (Audrey/Flickr)
A rehabbing baby squirrel has a meal. (Audrey/Flickr)

If you want to help a baby squirrel in distress, you’ll have to drive up to Longmont.

That’s where you’ll find the Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, which is now the only place of its kind along the Front Range, from Colorado Springs to Wyoming.

They’ll care for all kinds of critters at Greenwood, but as CPR reports, right now it’s basically Squirrel City.

Greenwood has taken in about 600 more animals so far in 2016 than it did during the same time period in 2015. As of last week, the facility had 141 squirrels.

The bushy-tailed rodents breed twice a year — in March and August — so the fall brings another baby boom. That means more baby squirrels are falling out of their nests. Greenwood recommends that people try to reunite any fallen babies with their mothers before bringing them in.

The final wildlife rehab centers to close, leaving Greenwood alone on the Front Range, were WildKind in Fort Collins, which shut down in 2012, WildBird Rehab in Denver, which had to close in 2014, and the famous Squirrel Creek Wildlife Rescue in Littleton — the one attached to one of the country’s largest swingers’ clubs — which was shut down last year.

Do yourself a favor and click over to the CPR story, where there are several adorable photos and a video of a baby squirrel having a snack.

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