“This seems like a silly question…but are you missing your alpaca?”

Are you missing a large, round-eyed wool-giraffe? The Boulder County Sheriff’s Department found it.


Are you missing a round-eyed wool-giraffe? The Boulder County Sheriff’s Department found it.

An alpaca was found wandering by Indian Lookout Road, near Lyons. A comment on the department’s Facebook says the Animal Control Unit has already scanned the wayward critter for a chip with no luck.

As the post notes, you should call dispatch at 303-441-4444 if this alpaca belongs to you or someone you know.

For the record: it’s pretty easy to tell alpacas and llamas apart. Alpacas have shorter, rounder ears. Also, llamas are taller, heavier and have longer faces.

Ashley Dean

Author: Ashley Dean

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